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Adelie Productions is involved and invested in the online communication of science. One means of this is through the design, production and maintenance of websites about science. (Click on the images below to get a description of Adelie Productions' design philosophy for each website).
Stacks Image 42 is home to the internet's most popular website devoted to penguins. It covers all 19 species of penguins, providing information on their size, identification, habits, distribution, migration and vagrancy. It is notable for its clean design and accessible language, as well as for its outstanding photographs and videography.

In particular, it is targeted towards school children the world over, who use it as a valuable resource for school projects. Under the guise of Professor Penguin, Lloyd Spencer Davis answers queries about penguins from all around the world.

For those wanting even more in-depth information about penguins, the website includes a number of long-form feature articles written by Lloyd. It also provides information about each family group of penguin species (i.e. the penguin genera).
Stacks Image 45 is, as its name suggests, a blog about science communication. It has a wide range of interests that cover all the ways that science and technology impact our lives and how we go about the process of communicating that: including the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

While the blog is maintained, administered and contributed to by Lloyd Spencer Davis, guest posts are welcome from others.

In addition to dealing with science communication generally, categories covered include citizen science, health communication, science in society, filmmaking, storytelling, and writing.

In other words, the blog is designed to appeal to anyone interested in communication. And, to complement the experience, the design ethos of Adelie Productions is once again to the fore, with a clean, spare layout that enhances accessibility.
Stacks Image 48 is a website devoted to the understanding of behavior and ecology from an evolutionary perspective. It is the area of speciality of Lloyd Spencer Davis, the subject of his PhD, and the subject he specialized in teaching as a university lecturer.

This website is designed to make the principles and knowledge about behavioral ecology available to the public at large. With that in mind, the information is deep while the language used remains free of jargon and accessible.

The website design itself is based upon the Adelie Productions website design. The mantra here is clean lines, lots of white space, contrasting text, and beautiful fonts: all leading to an easy reading experience that is complemented by stunning photographs.

This website is in development and is expected to grow substantially.
Stacks Image 53 is a website all about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection. It is based upon Lloyd's award-winning book by the same name.

In essence, it is a search for meaning in life. The website covers the life of Charles Darwin, his voyage on the Beagle, and his theories. It begins with a summary of the book Looking for Darwin and a video of Lloyd talking to camera about its significance. Also included are extensive photo galleries of Lloyd's travels throughout much of the world as he attempted to follow in Darwin's footsteps, a blog he kept while writing the book, and reviews of the book itself. Additionally, there is a page to provide further resources for readers wishing to get even more information on Charles Darwin.

Adelie Productions' design philosophy is in evidence with the design of this site too: clean, simple, plenty of white space and big, easy to read fonts. The black and red colour cues from the cover of Looking for Darwin are used to provide a coherence between the website and the book.