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Would the gentleman from the UK who was travelling through New Zealand and Borneo and wished to buy a copy of Looking for Darwin please contact us again: in the change to a new Service Provider, you emails were unfortunately lost.

Looking for Darwin
Looking for Darwin
prize_winnerWinner, CLL Writers Award for Nonfiction
prize_winnerRunner’s Up Award, New Zealand Travel Book of the Year

This is Bill Bryson meets Stephen J. Gould. What lifts the award-winning Looking for Darwin above other books about Darwin is that Lloyd Spencer Davis – award-winning writer and scientist – takes us with him on a personal journey as he sets out to tackle the big question that we all, at one time or another, ask: “Why am I here?” It is part travelogue, part personal memoir, part insightful essay about Darwin.

Travel with Davis from the Antarctic to Darwin’s birthplace in England, to the Galapagos. On one level this book is about a physical journey – the road that Davis took in his search to understand Darwin. On another it is about a spiritual and mental journey: from Genesis to Genetics, from hardcore Christian to Darwinian disciple. And throughout all, the way is leavened by Davis’s light touch and wry wit.

The nett result is that the reader learns about Darwin almost by osmosis. The story of Darwin is woven into the story of Davis’s personal search for meaning in the world. This is a book that informs people about Darwin almost without them noticing. It is academia in a bun: scholarship made appetizing.

$ 27.95
$ 4.95
"Perhaps, like Darwin, I needed to get out and see the world. Get out and see how real wolves lived. Or whales. Or walruses. Or insects. Or orchids. I didn’t have a Beagle but I could go where the Beagle went."