Adelie Productions, through its principal, Lloyd Spencer Davis, is devoted to creative ways of communicating about the world around us. This includes magazine and newspaper articles, as well as popular books. More about Lloyd's writing can be found on his author's website: lloydspencerdavis.com.

The ten books produced by Adelie Productions to date include:
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Penguin: a season in the life of the Adélie penguin

This book (published by Pavilion Books, London and Harcourt Brace, San Diego) is unusual in that it provides a penguin's-eye view of life in Antarctica. Told in the first person, it is intended to appeal to readers of all ages. It is illustrated with beautiful photographs taken by the author.

prize_winnerWinner of the PEN (NZ) Best First Book Award for Nonfiction
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The Plight of the Penguin

A book about all penguins that is like no other (published by Longacre Press, Dunedin). Sprinkled with anecdotes, quotations from rock music, delightful line drawings by Sarah Wroot, and gorgeous photographs by the author and others, it is written in a lively style.

prize_winnerWinner of the NZ Post New Zealand Children's Book of the Year Award
prize_winnerWinner of the NZ Post New Zealand Children's Best Nonfiction Award
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Looking for Darwin

A book that tries to come to terms with Charles Darwin and his notion of evolution (published by Longacre Press, Dunedin), this is part travelogue, part personal memoir, part essay about Darwin. Lloyd travels from the Antarctic to Darwin's birthplace in England. He retraces Darwin's journey in the Beagle to South America, the Galapagos, New Zealand and Australia. Finally, he ends up in places as diverse as India, South Africa, the United States and Mexico as he seeks to discover what relevance Darwinism can have for our modern world.

prize_winnerWinner of the CLL Writer's Award
prize_winnerRunner Up, NZ Travel Book of the Year
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Smithsonian Q&A Penguins

Written on behalf of the Smithsonian Institution (published by HarperCollins), this book covers all aspects of penguins in a lively question and answer format. For the most part the answers are designed to lead into the next question, so that while the book is meant as a reference, it can be read from cover-to-cover as a cohesive whole.